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 Damien March (born 1973) is an Australian mixed media, neo expressionistic artist. He is know for energetic compositions that use thick, gestural paint, often applied with palette knives. March experiments with a variety of media ranging from Acrylics, ink, markers, sand, pumice, glazes and highly reflective resins. He primarily explores city life as his inspiration and chooses to visit the locations to gather images as a primary resource. Recent sell out shows at Federation Square in Melbourne "Textured Travels" and Aro Gallery in Sydney "Existential" , have seen March's popularity evolve into one of Australia's best emerging artists. March will be exhibiting "Vivacity" at substrate gallery in Hollywood from July29 - August 5 2018.  This series of energetic paintings were inspired by an appreciation of the world around us, and pausing for a moment to visually absorb. I use my own experiences to capture the essence of the great cities, often using perspective and scale, to heighten our sense of insignificance within the grandeur of theses environments.  Most of the works presented place the viewer within the composition, at one with the work. The works are created with a dynamic, neo expressionistic palette knife technique; vibrant fauvist style hues permeate, accentuating the physical nature of the works.  Experimentation of mixed media can be seen on all canvas surfaces. Vast usage of acrylics, thickeners, sand, pumice, glosses and resins create a sense of contrast. Mixed media emphasises the dynamism of the visual experience often creating a push and pull effect on the surface of the works.”
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